Red Button and QR Codes

In between programmes on the BBC the announcer suggests you “click the red button” to watch a specific programme. I click the red button and it takes me to the “Red Button Text Service”. These announcements are completely wrong! What they should be saying is, “if you have an internet connected TV, press the red button to take you to BBC iPlayer”. Not every one has a “connected TV” and the continuity announcers must be made to recognise this.

Now on Sky News they tend to encourage you to “scan the QR code” for more information. However, they don’t tell you what you need to scan the code with. Apparently your need a mobile device with a specific piece of software on it to scan QR codes. How many people have a suitable hand held device or, know how to install software on it. The lack of explanation on this is very frustrating. They should not assume everyone has this knowledge and they are failing to communicate properly to the lowest, common, denominator.

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