About Me

A View From Milsey Bay

My name is Stuart Smith. I was born in my grandparent’s house (Craighall Road) in July 1956 – a home birth just like my two sisters. My parents lived in Yardheads, Leith and when I was about 6 months old they moved to a council house in Muirhouse Gardens (a property that no longer exists). Just before my 21st birthday in 1977 we as a family moved into a purchased flat in Ferry Road, Edinburgh. In 1990 I purchased my current home here in North Berwick and after completing some renovation work, mainly at weekends, started to actually live here in May 1991. My double front windows overlook a beach called Milsey Bay, hence the title above.

Photo of site owner
Photo of Stuart Smith taken 1st April 2022 by Leanne Demay