Stormy Weather

Two week-ends ago it was Storm Babet that caused heavy rain and strong winds. Last week-end it was just an ordinary storm - not named - but combined with high tides caused great damage. The wall at the harbour was greatly damaged. The edges of Elcho Green had the steps damaged and made unusable along with many rail sleepers washed out - most recovered but unusable. 2ft to 3 ft sand cliffs created to make it impossible for the regular swimmers to get down or up to the beach. Meantime, the beach outside me has had sand cliffs created where the sand has been washed away and the sand banking (which contained grasses and bushes) has been washed away. The concrete steps down onto the beach are now exposed with no sand around them.

And now there is a new named storm happening today. At the moment it is mainly heavy rain but the wind is expected to get stronger.. It will last until 6am tomorrow. I'm not inclined to go out again today. One soaking is enough.